OKEY was put on the market in 1991 with the goal of introducing the concept of family planning and to make birth control methods accessible. After that, a revolution was started in 1992 when we broadcast the first advert for condoms on Turkish Television. This bold advance created a whole segment of adverts for condoms. Condoms are the only product that is both an effective contraceptive method and that protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

OKEY is the number one brand in Turkey for reliable condoms of the highest quality, and is widely seen as one of the leaders in raising awareness of scientifically sound ideas about sexuality in society and for correcting widely-held misconceptions. From the first day of its inception to the present, OKEY has been supported by a prominent Turkish volunteer organisation called TAP Vakfı (Turkey Family Health and Planning Foundation). For the past 11 years we have offered a free telephone service called “Alo OKEY - 444 OKEY Sexual Health Information Line”. Customers can call to have questions about sex answered by experts from the TAP Foundation and to put their minds at ease about anything that has to do with sexuality.

The basic reason being there, is increasing the level of social awareness and disseminate information on the use of condoms in Turkey.

For this reason, projects have been carried out jointly with many non-governmental organizations for many years:

  • UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) - Turkish Armed Forces "Mehmetçik Reproductive Health" training
  • Community Volunteers Foundation - Peer Trainings
  • Ministry of National Education Vocational Training, Apprenticeship and Care Centers Sexual Health Awareness Activities
  • Awareness Raising and Sample Distribution in Coffee Houses
  • Product Distribution in Bars
  • Sample Distribution in Universities and Dormitories, Informative Studies, Peer Trainings
  • TurkMisc, (Turkish Medical Student Committee) Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Reproductive Health Trainings

Condoms are the only natural product that are both an effective birth control method and protect against sexually transmitted diseases. This is why we recommend the use of condoms for all sexually-active people as a way of enjoying safe sex. Okey is a sexual life brand that understands and knows its customers well. The products and services we offer enable our customers to experience the sex life that they want – one that is safe, enjoyable and healthy.